“An entertaining yarn with family drama and intrigue aplenty!” —Booklist

“A simpatico duo!” —Publishers Weekly

“Belmond’s lilting sequel, ['A Rather Curious Engagement'] is fun, even if you don’t have your own yacht!”— Publishers Weekly

"Belmond’s second novel is bound to charm!”—Booklist

“A book that you don't want to miss!” —Chick Lit Club

“A spirited heroine!” —Publishers Weekly

“A lovely reunion with Penny and Jeremy.” —DearAuthor

“A Rather Remarkable Homecoming charms from beginning to end.” –Publishers Weekly

“A return to the golden age of romantic suspense! ‘A Rather Lovely Inheritance’ weds old-style glamour to chick-lit flair. You just want to move into the novel yourself—on a long-term lease, with hero and snazzy sports car included!”-- Lauren Willig, author of “The Secret History of the Pink Carnation”


You Are Home

“This breezy, witty fourth entry in Belmond’s ‘Rather’ series features strongly defined characters, vivid settings, and a captivating mystery . . . The villagers prove suitably delightful, as does the loving relationship between Penny and Jeremy. [A Rather Remarkable Homecoming] charms from beginning to end.” –Publishers Weekly.

“Rather” Novel #5: Early 2015
Stand-Alone Novel: Summer 2015
Audiobook for “Rather” Novel #4: Summer 2015
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Available Now: The first four Penny-and-Jeremy “Rather” novels

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Have you heard about the "Rather" series?

Novels featuring a spirited American heroine named Penny Nichols and her beloved hero Jeremy Laidley. Available as books, audiobooks and e-books.

The fourth novel in the "Rather" series.


continues the adventures of Penny and Jeremy now that they are newlyweds. This book follows:

The third novel in the "Rather" series.


picks up the story of Penny and Jeremy after:

The second novel in the “Rather” series.


is the sequel to:

The first novel, where it all began.

What's it all about?

You wake up one morning and get a phone call summoning you to London for the reading of your great-aunt's last will and testament. And just like that, you're an heiress, with a highly unusual motorcar, a vintage wardrobe, a posh London townhouse, and a mysterious legacy at an elegant villa in Antibes. You'll follow in the footsteps of some fairly glamorous forebears who’ve bequeathed a family secret for you to puzzle out. But not everyone thinks you deserve it; you'll meet up with some rather eccentric characters and you'll have to sort out friend from foe. Nevertheless, the champagne’s flowing, and the Mediterranean beckons with great food, art, music, history and fashion, leading right up to the gamble of a lifetime.

Are you game? Open the book, and go for the ride!



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1. Debut Novel
First book that launched the series. Published by the Penguin Group. ISBN# 978-0-451-22052-3
2. Sequel
The second book in the "Rather" series. Published by the Penguin Group. ISBN# 978-0-451-22405-7
3. Third novel
Continues the “Rather” series. Published by the Penguin Group. ISBN# 978-0-451-22908-3
4. Fourth Novel
More fun with Penny and Jeremy in the "Rather" series. Published by The Penguin Group. ISBN# 978-0-451-23461-2
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