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From the Author



The response to our “Rather” book giveaway contest was fantastic!

And the winners are:

Nikki Gusmar, who lives in Pittsburgh, PA. “I am an avid reader and have been a fan of the Rather series since the first book [A Rather Lovely Inheritance]. I hope Belmond will continue writing sequels to these books for a long time to come!”

Karen J. Harpole of Valencia, California says, “Thank you so much, C.A., this is very exciting! My friend (Alison Levy of Santa Clarita, California) and I can’t wait to read your fourth book, A Rather Remarkable Homecoming. We are also still hoping a movie will be made of your wonderful books that transport us to such beautiful places with your gifted descriptions. Cheers to you and your new book!”

Suzanne Archer lives in Alberta, Canada. “Yea! I was born in Cornwall, with some family still there, so I am excited for the new book. I was just reading the Rather series, and finished the second book (A Rather Curious Engagement) and am now on to number three (A Rather Charming Invitation).”

Marilou Marshall is from Coquitiam, B.C., Canada (“twenty minutes away from Vancouver”). “I found A Rather Lovely Inheritance while vacationing in the Oregon coast. My husband and I love to travel, and wish to go to Europe more often. The last time was six years ago in Paris. Cornwall is one of the destinations we’d like to visit one day, so I’m really looking forward to reading Belmond’s next book. Thank you C.A. for Penny and Jeremy, and their many exciting adventures throughout Europe. If I can’t be there to join them, the next best thing is to live through them.”